Arduino Universal Remote


This project uses an Arduino Nano to transmit IR remote codes. It has three buttons (up, down, and bank select), a ten segment bar graph display, and two IR LEDS at the tip. IR functions are stored in banks, which can be cycled by pressing the topmost button. Once a bank is selected, the user can press the up or down buttons to transmit the desired code. However, instead of transmitting a single IR code, this device is programmed to iterate through a list of codes. This makes it much more flexible, as it can communicate with a wider range of equipment. Several of the market-leading TV manufacturers are already compiled into the software. Internally, these codes are stored in a format similar to Pronto Hex. However, to conserve memory, IR codes are stored using a dictionary and byte-length based compression, and are decompressed when they are retrieved. As time goes on, I intend to expand this code library to make it control a wider array of devices. Code for this project can be found on my GitHub!




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