Getting started making sugar activities

After several frustrating attempts at setting up a development environment on Lubuntu, I ultimately conceded and installed run-of-the-mill Ubuntu. After that, everything worked like a charm. Here’s what needs to happen before you can start writing code:

sudo apt-get install python-sugar3
sudo apt-get install sugar-emulator

After that, go over and take a look at the README for this activity quickstart. It will explain and provide the file structure that is recognized as a sugar activity. Once you have the required files on your computer, you can plug them in to the sugar-emulator to test them. To do this, simply run:

./ dev

This creates (if there isn’t one already) a folder named “Activities” in your home directory, and places a symbolic link to your project files inside. Now, you can run:


This starts the emulator, where you can test your activity. Initially, you will only find it in the activities in list (button in the upper right-hand corner). To make it appear in the wheel-style home screen, simply click the star next to the activity.


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