Filesystem Mosquitoes

Most computer people have been there. You lend someone a flash drive, and it comes back cluttered with a bunch of odd hidden files from a different OS. With Mac OSX, you can even tell which folders were opened by following the trail of .DS_Store files. While it’s only a minor annoyance, I have begun compiling a list of these filesystem mosquitoes for a script I call bugzap. It’s currently written for the Fish Shell, but is easily ported to bash. If I’m missing any, feel free to help out:


  • .fseventsd
  • .Spotlight-V100
  • .Trash-1000
  • .Trashes
  • .TemporaryItems
  • .Sugar-Metadata


  • ._.Trashes"
  • .DS_Store
  • Thumbs.db
  • ._.TemporaryItems
  • .apdisk
  • ._.apdisk

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