Augmented Reality Sandbox

I recently got the opportunity to help setup an Augmented Reality Sandbox. Written by some folks at UC Davis, the AR Sandbox is an interactive tool for teaching topographic maps. It consists of a projector and a Microsoft Kinect mounted above a ~3×4 foot sandbox. Using depth information from the Kinect, the topography of the sand is scanned, and the correct contour lines are projected onto the sand’s surface.


The software consists of a VR toolkit, a Kinect driver, and the Sandbox itself, all of which are open source (GPL v2). So far, we’ve successfully installed it on Linux Mint and Fedora. Massive thanks to the guys at UC Davis for making a great teaching tool, and for releasing it open source.

And yes, it is exactly as much fun to play with as it looks.


One thought on “Augmented Reality Sandbox

  1. Hello I am an absolute Belgian PC noob but I know someone who does know a bit more. I was looking on the site for the installation of the Sandbox but I was killed by the overload of information on that site.
    I have installed the ubuntu version 16.04LTS. Can you help me please by sending some links which are easy to follow

    I think I first have to install VRUI and then the Kinect and then the ARS program ?
    Greetings from Belgium
    PS If you know if there is a windowsversion to install the sandbox I am very interested ;-)

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